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Concierge Program

A letter from
Dr. James Cook, M.D.

Dear Patients and Friends,
I would like to thank all of you once more for the confidence you have shown me and my staff over the years. Since I began practicing medicine over 30 years ago, there have been many changes. I have tried to provide the most comprehensive, professional and compassionate medical care but, unfortunately, the dramatic changes in medicine over that time have continue to challenge our ability to deliver that high-level of personalized service.

My practice grew from small and intimate at its onset to a rather large practice today. Every year, the pressure to see more patients increases, leaving both the patients and doctor dissatisfied. With this in mind, I have researched alternative avenues for delivery of care to you. I will be making some important changes to my practice that allow me to take care of my expanded patient base and offer a new personalized wellness option.

Beginning February 1, 2011, I will offer a “hybrid” concierge model of care within my present practice I will be assisted in implementing and managing this new addition by Concierge Choice Physicians (CCP). A portion of each workday will be allocated to my new “hybrid” practice, as well as my traditional practice.

Whether you decide to join my “hybrid” program or remain with my traditional practice is completely optional. I pledge to continue to care for all of my traditional patients and you will continue to receive the highest quality care to which you have become accustomed. The new optional program is available to those patients who seek enhanced services.

I am excited to implement the “hybrid” concierge model. It is a return to medicine as it was practiced in the past. It will include a comprehensive and extended physical examination with a focus on wellness. A final written report with results and summation of any recommendations will be tailored to each patient personally.

For details on this plan call Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565 or visit their website at
My Concierge Program
For details please call Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565.
Visit for more information.

I offer a concierge program for those patients interested in a greater focus on wellness and prevention. Membership includes a comprehensive annual screening physical, dedicated time for participants and my personal cell number for emergency contacts.

Both older and younger patients alike have been enthusiastic about the convenience and personalized service of the concierge program. Out patients have appreciated punctual and unhurried visits. They value the time I have taken on the telephone with them and with their families. Travelers, business professionals and students have given us high marks for service provided by telephone and e-mail when they have been far from home.

Whether you are completely healthy or have medical conditions, there is no better investment than in your health. A physician, like Dr. Cook, who really knows you and is always there for you is key to the excellent and convenient care you deserve.

The annual membership fee for the program is currently $1,650 and is payable via credit card, check or automatic deduction. There are easy payment plans available, as well. For details please call Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565.

The Concierge Program
The program is dedicated to proactive, preventive care that is convenient and comforting. Membership is limited. During concierge hours, I see one or two patients per hour and will deliver an annual preventive screening physical examination and follow-up care.

As a result, regular appointments are available same day or next day. The advantage for members is more personal time with me for your medical care; more time for advice, advocacy and emotional support; and more time to help you manage all of your health care needs.

Enhanced coordination of referrals
What happens to you medically outside the office is as important to my staff and me as it is to you. We will help you coordinate your specialty care and diagnostic needs. Not only can we help schedule these services, but we will follow up to get the results quickly and review them with you. When needed we will help you with specialist appointments.

The Cornerstone of the Program – 
The Comprehensive Screening Physical
Every patient in my Concierge Choice Program receives and annual comprehensive physical examination that will help us create a well ness plan for you based on your individual needs. 

It includes elements that are beyond what regular physicals contain.
• Comprehensive annual screening examination
• Same day or next hay appointments
• Convenient dedicated concierge office hours
• Scheduled appointments for one to two patients per hour during concierge hours
• Physician availability 24/7 by personal cell phone
• Dedicated office phone number
• Insurance claim facilitation
• CCP Medical Profile Device–an electronic device for carrying your medical information
• Physician-to-physician coordination of specialist referrals
• Medical information and health counseling for foreign travel
• A team approach to wellness and prevention
• Physician e-mail correspondence
• Program benefits at no additional charge for children ages 5-25 of member parents

Make your Health Top Priority
What do you most love to do? Travel? Spend tine with your children and grandchildren? Play golf? Without good health, energy, and peace of mind, it is impossible to truly enjoy all the activities that you love. Make and investment in your health and you can better enjoy all the other aspects of your life. A concierge physician, like Dr. Cook, who knows you and is always there for you is the key to the excellent care you deserve. He can take time to sort out complicated problems and can be your advocate when you need a specialist. 

CCP Medical Profile Device
Members are provided a small USB memory stick with proprietary software that will contain a copy of your annual physical, a list of medications and allergies, copies of laboratory results, diagnostic reports, and whatever information that could be extremely valuable in case of emergency. The CCP Medical Profile Device is the size of a small package of gum and can be updated each time you come to my office.

Join today!
Membership is limited. When you enroll, your membership is activated at the beginning of the month. Please let me know if I can personally answer any questions you have about the program. You may also reach Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565 with any questions that you may have regarding my program.